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We are excited to announce that we will be presenting at the 2020 emPOWERed REST Retreat!

On May 2nd Veronica Santaguida will be presenting informative and actionable ways to improve your time management. 

2020 Dates: May 1, 4pm- May 2, All day - May 3, 9am - 1pm
Ecology Retreat Centre, Hockley Valley ON
Double Occupancy TBD Single Occupancy TBD
6 Vegetarian meals provided by the Ecology Retreat Centre

The event will include:

Restorative Yoga and Meditation. Your hosts Lindsay Lesage and Stephanie Massey are both living proof that Restorative Yoga and Meditation can vastly improve mood and well-being - and they are sisters to boot!
​Lindsay is a new mom finding relief from anxiety and sleepless nights through Yoga and Meditation. Stephanie is a Breast Cancer survivor who continues to find relief from pain and post-cancer symptoms using Yoga and Meditation. Lindsay and Stephanie will be leading 4 Yoga & Meditation Classes over the weekend.

You will learn how to use props in Restorative Yoga for a personal practice and receive your VERY own Yoga Bolster by Love My Mat to take home with you after the weekend.

You will experience a beautiful Sound Ceremony by Megan Marie Gates. Sound Ceremonies are meditative, vibrational journeys that allow participants to be immersed in soothing sounds. This class will be Saturday evening.

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