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Course and Pricing

We are glad you decided to check us out! We know you don’t have the time to read your way through the hundreds of time management, productivity, and organization books out there but we know you want to make a positive change. We have done the hard work for you. We have explored every book, paper, blog, website, and video (and continue to every day) compiling only the essential information you need. We are so excited to get started and know we have only touched the surface of all of the great information that exists. That's why we are offering a pre-launch course. It takes a very casual approach to all of the information we have gathered thus far.  This course is for all of the amazing people reading this right now! If you are a company looking for something more "commercial” for your employees this pre-launch course isn’t for you. Be patient, your turn will come.

Our pre-launch course is in the form of a webinar, so you can listen or watch the presentation on your own time. How is the pre-launch course so affordable? It will take us a while to complete our course in full, but we are excited to share our information as soon as it becomes available. As we complete each lesson we will post it and you get access to it right away. The pre-launch course will include at least 5 lessons, each approximately 10-20 minutes long that can be re-watched and revisited at any time. (because we understand your time is precious) So don’t worry if you get distracted or need to stop the video it will be there waiting for you.


Our pre-launch course is our most affordable way to access only the essential time management skills you need to make a positive change. Because it is a "pre-launch" course we will be offering it at 1/3 of the original planned full course price! Is it really worth the money? First, ask yourself how much is your time worth per hour? Then consider all of the hours that went into summarizing the key information we have for you here. For just $85 you will have at least 5 lessons under your belt and the knowledge to implement them so you have more time for you, at a cost that is less than your monthly coffee bill.

The course author has 10 years of proven marketing and innovation experience in the consumer packaged goods industry. She understands the time pressure felt in both corporate and personal life. Her prior professional positions trained her to be a results-oriented leader, with demonstrated expertise in creating brand strategies and utilizing digital/social media for in store and online tactics. This gave her a glimpse into how our time spent is being leveraged by companies. Her strong analytical skills specializing in innovation and product development, reputation for presentation excellence and the ability to multi-task with great organization give her the knowledge and skills to help you improve your time management.


So YES it's worth every cent! Especially since this is a limited time offer.





Improving your time management skills doesn't have to be boring. Looking from something a little more fun? Consider hosting a seminar night. Invite your favourite people, pour yourself your preferred drink and receive the full pre-launch course plus a question and answer period all in the comfort of your own home.

Introducing The Pre-Launch Course!


Host A Party

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